Whittier Chiropractor: Hip Pain

ust as your shoulders are integral to the flexibility of your upper limbs and back, your hips are one of the most important joints in your entire body allowing you to walk, run, jump and more. Hip problems due to injury or because of wear and tear over time must be promptly treated to avoid degenerative conditions as we grow older. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractors on Whittier provide chiropractic care that treats a range of hip problems to reduce pain and restore mobility.

What Are the Causes of Hip Pain?

Many hip problems remain untreated since they may initially manifest as continued and progressive discomfort and soreness in the thigh, groin and lower back. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractors provide complete physical evaluations that get to the source of your chronic hip pain that is rooted in a range of conditions and causes including:

Sciatica – The sciatic nerve runs from the pelvic region down through the thigh to the feet and is a common reason for pain in the hip and hip related problems. If the sciatic nerve is injured or subject to excessive pressure, the result is painful bulging or herniated discs that will significantly reduce day to day functioning and can make sitting, standing, or even lying down difficult. If left untreated, sciatic nerve damage that is the source of your hip pain can eventually contribute to progressive spinal deterioration and may require surgery. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractic care addresses hip pain problems by stimulating your body’s natural healing mechanisms as an alternative to invasive techniques or potentially harmful pain medications.

Hip Pain Caused by Overuse - Sports and any other consistent strenuous physical activity can aggravate and contribute to hip problems due to repeated movements that take their toll on the muscles, tendons and ligaments affected at the root of hip pain. Inflammation and conditions such as tendinitis are the result of consistent pressure and stress to the hip joint over time and can be treated by our Whittier chiropractors with tailored manual adjustments developed to heal hip pain.

Hip Pain Linked to Degenerative Disease - Conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis are associated with the joint inflammation that is often responsible for chronic hip pain. Treating hip pain problems early with treatment with qualified Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractic care may help to slow the progression of certain hip related conditions and may also serve as a valuable prevention tool to increase mobility and flexibility.

Injuries to the Hip - Hip pain that is caused by direct trauma is also responsive to chiropractic adjustments and chiropractic care options. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. creates carefully personalized programs in conjunction with your doctor or other health care providers to help restore mobility following a hip dislocation or other hip-related injury prior to or following surgery.

Complete Chiropractic Care Programs for Hip Pain

Additional chiropractic care used to treat hip pain may include muscle relocation to provide relief to surrounding ligaments and to help eliminate accompanying lower back pain. Visit our Whittier clinic for a complete evaluation that includes a medical history review and customized chiropractic adjustment plan for relief from hip pain.