North Hollywood Chiropractor – Pinched Nerves

The often-used phrase “a pain in the neck” becomes all too real when pinched nerve pain begins to interfere with your everyday activities. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractors in North Hollywood frequently treat patients experiencing problems due to pinched nerves in the neck that eventually manifest as acute and chronic pain. Chiropractic care for pinched nerves is geared to restoring your range of motion, relieving pain and as a natural alternative that may eliminate the need for potentially harmful medications that merely mask the problem.

What Is a Pinched Nerve?

The term “pinched nerve” can be misleading since the nerves themselves are not necessarily being directly pinched, but irritated from over-stretching and prolonged compression. Imbalances in the spine can lead to irregular joint motion and interfere with healthy spinal reflexes. Normal nerve functioning can also become impaired by the interference of surrounding bones, disc bulges, tumors and scar tissue resulting in painful inflammation. Since spinal reflexes are the primary method of communication from the body to the spinal cord that governs all movement, a problem within the signalling pathway will significantly impact sufferers. Chiropractic adjustments for pinched nerves are focussed on balancing the stuck vertebrae that have caused the jumbled signals.

Causes of Pinched Nerve in Neck

Misalignment in Neck

A subluxation is a misalignment of a spinal bone that irritates the spinal nerve and results in various types of muscle spasms and acute or chronic pain. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. offers chiropractic adjustments that are geared toward precisely identifying and balancing the affected areas to relieve chronic pinched nerve pain.

Disc Degeneration in Neck

Functioning as a buffer and shock absorber between bones, spinal discs can become thin and progressively deteriorate into degenerative disc disease. As a result, surrounding nerves have less room to move and are subjected to increased pressure. Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. offers chiropractic adjustments that address degenerative disc problems to relieve pain and pressure.

Osteoarthritis in Neck

Degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis will also impair joint function putting extra pressure on the nerve. In certain cases, degeneration results in bone outgrowths that irritate and crowd a nerve resulting in a pinched nerve and chronic pain.

Whether due to osteoarthritis, disc degeneration or disc herniation, untreated pinched nerve problems will worsen over time and may require surgery to correct the problem. Consult with licensed North Hollywood chiropractor to learn more about noninvasive treatment options.

Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves

Chiropractic care offers an alternative that actually corrects the underlying issues behind pinched nerves and also contributes to overall wellness.

Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractors offer complete physical exams aimed at analyzing and treating imbalances within the spinal column that can cause problems with chronic pain and mobility. Patients who have sought treatment for pinched nerves from our North Hollywood chiropractic clinic have reported significant improvement and pain relief from tailored treatment methods that eliminate the need for drug therapy. Sciatica patients, in particular, have experienced improvement from Fromer Chiropractic, Inc. chiropractic care. Our licensed chiropractors work in conjunction with other health care providers and are qualified to perform orthopedic, neurological and other physical exam testing when assessing patients with pinched nerve problems.

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